GitHub Actions errors when installing dependencies (possible pkgbuild bug?)

Hi all,

I'm currently developing an R package (here) using pkgdown and GitHub Actions to create package documentation (here).

Recently, however, the pkgdown build Action has started failing with this weird error message (example here) during the "Install Dependencies". It complains that the R6 package was installed prior to installing R 4.0, but R6 it not a dependency of my package but rather a dependency of the package pkgbuild which is installed when running the Action.

The Action used to run just fine up until a couple of days ago (example here) and looking through the diff logs of my commits since then I'm struggling to find any changes that could have triggered the error.

This looks to me like a bug in the pkgbuild package due to the new version of R having been released a couple of days ago, but alas I am no expert so I thought it'd be wise to ask here before filing a bug report.

Does someone have any clue what's going on here?

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