Glitch in autofill/autocomplete

As I would expect, when I begin to enter a command in the console, a menu of possible auto-completions comes up. If I choose any of those options, the command pops up, but the first letter repeats.

Example: If I begin to type libra, library pops up as the initial choice. If I then hit enter, the command line reads. —- llibrary() —- i.e., the first letter repeats. So far, this happens uniformly. I am using rstudio cloud on Safari on an iPad.

The same problem happens on Chrome - but in addition, the command line disappears completely on Chrome. It is completely unusable.

I am sorry you are having trouble. This is actually a more general issue with RStudio Server and its support for iPad use. For now, we do not officially support using via phones or tablets. There should be improvements to the RStudio IDE in the 1.3 release cycle, and once that stabilizes it will be made available on Until then, using a desktop or laptop is the best choice for using

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