Glyphicons no longer available?

The Shiny page about icons says that one of the two libraries they're taken from is the Glyphicons library. That Shiny page provides this link to Glyphicons:

but when I click on that link, I get taken to a different page on, the Accordion page (I can't post the link here because the forum complains "New users can only post 2 links" if I try to include a 2nd link in my post... which seems like a bug btw...) but it's the current page for the Accordion component.

When I'm on the Accordion component page, the menu of components on the left doesn't include Glyphicons as an entry.

So does the Glyphicons library still exist?


Here's the correct resources.

There are also bootstrap icons,

Looks like the docs need to get updated.
I filed an issue to help make that happen, update link in docs - bootstrap icons has new URL · Issue #3632 · rstudio/shiny · GitHub

Ah thank you very much EconomiCurtis!

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