GPU accelaration with tidymodels

I am working in a Kaggle notebook and I was wondering if you can use GPU acceleration with any of the tidymodels as it can accelerate training times up to 100x compared to CPU. I know it is possible for the 'xgboost' package (link) but I can't get it to work using the tidymodels interface if I for instance try:

xg_model <-
    # trees = 1000, 
    # tree_depth = tune(), min_n = tune(), 
    # loss_reduction = tune(),                     ## first three: model complexity
    # sample_size = tune(), mtry = tune(),         ## randomness
    # learn_rate = tune(),                         ## step size
  ) %>%
  set_engine("xgboost", tree_method = 'gpu_hist') %>%
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