'grain.CPTspec' is not an exported object from 'namespace:gRain'


I have this code here:

tan = tree.bayes(Data,  "outcome")
fitted = bn.fit(tan, Data, method = "bayes") 
jtree = compile(as.grain(fitted)) #produces an error below

The error produced is:

Warning: Error in : 'grain.CPTspec' is not an exported object from 'namespace:gRain'
  81: stop
  80: getExportedValue
  79: ::
  78: as.grain.bn.fit
  76: bnFunction [C:/Users/Core.R#598]
  72: observeEventHandler [C:/Users/AppInterface.R#467]
   1: runApp

I printed the fitted object and it looks just fine.
More info:
R version 3.6.2 (2019-12-12)
bnclassify_0.4.4 / gRain_1.3-3 / gRbase_1.8-5.1 / bnlearn_4.5

Any help on this will be much appreciated!

I also faced same problem. Did you find the solution?

Unfortunately not yet, but i will be trying to downgrade the packages since the problem started to happen after the package update :confused:

Yes, it is. I tried R verison 3.6.1 and 3.6.2, and both of them are not working

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