Graphical rendering issues with running individual Python chunks inside Quarto

I came across an issue when I was playing with Python in Quarto. While there is no problem when I render the qmd file and everything works nice and the graphical outputs get nicely embedded into the output, but when I run the individual chunks of Python code inside the Quarto document some strange things happen. It looks like the plot produced by the previous python chunk gets plotted on the top of the plot produced by the next python chunk. Here is an example of two plots on the top of each other produced by the last chunk of python code inside the Quarto notebook, where the previous chunk produces the polar plot and the last chunk produces the decaying cosine plot:

Can you share a Quarto document that reproduce the issue with all the required information ?

  • Quarto version
  • Python version
  • Package versions

If this is an issue and better support is needed, we need an example to be able to reproduce and look into it.

A github repo with files is also ok.

Thank you !

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