grid_search and h2o.getgrid

Hi Rcom

I am new to the h2o package, but tried some grid search

we will now extract the grid result, sort the models by their RMSE score and pull the lead model

rf2_grid_search <- h2o.getGrid(grid_id = "rf_grid",
sort_by = "rmse" ,
decreasing = FALSE)


rf_grid_search <- h2o.getGrid(rf2_grid_search@model_ids[[1]])

But get an error:

Expected a Grid for key argument: grid_id with value: rf_grid_model_18. Found a: DRFModel

why cant i fetch the model with the lowest RMSE with "rf2_grid_search@model_ids[[1]])" 1 being the model with lowest RMSE


Can you make a small reprex (FAQ: How to do a minimal reproducible example ( reprex ) for beginners) with a model that has grid search? Then I can easily see how to query that object to return the actual model with its params.