Grid Search in Deep Learning with KerasR - tuning_run()


I am trying to use grid search in the deep learning using keras packge, But I am unable to understand what steps to follow ? I am using tuning_run() function for the same given as below.

What does - fil Path to training script (defaults to "train.R") means ?

tuning_run(file = "train.R", context = "local",
config = Sys.getenv("R_CONFIG_ACTIVE", unset = "default"), flags = NULL,
sample = NULL, properties = NULL,
runs_dir = getOption("tfruns.runs_dir", "runs"), echo = TRUE,
confirm = interactive(), envir = parent.frame(),
encoding = getOption("encoding"))

Run all combinations of the specifed training flags. The number of combinations can be reduced by specifying the sample parameter, which will result in a random sample of the flag combinations being run.

Kindly someone help please.


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