GTSummary Table omitting Pvalue for TNM Clinical T

Code used below:
Sm_Figure3 %>%
by = Figure.3,
statistic = all_continuous() ~ "{mean} ({sd})",
digits = all_continuous() ~ 2,
missing_text = "(Unknown)"
) %>%
add_p(pvalue_fun = ~style_pvalue(.x, digits = 4)) %>%
add_overall() %>%
add_n() %>%
modify_header(label ~ "Variable") %>%
modify_spanning_header(c("stat_1", "stat_2") ~ "Treatment Groups") %>%

This is the error that occurs ^^

Not sure why this is omitting the P value, would love to hear some thoughts or work arounds to this

As the error message indicates, there was a problem running fisher.test(). Try calculating the pvalue outside of gtsummary and you'll see the same error message.

Also, I think the largest digits value accepted is 3, so 4 could also be a part of your problem.


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