Hangman - 2020 Shiny Contest Submission


Authors: Yulia Smirnova
Working with Shiny for 1+ years

Abstract: Small app to play the well-known game hanbman.

Full Description: Pretty self-explanatory game: you press a letter, if it is in the word - it is added to it, if not - a picture of a hangman gets extended by one line.

After creating all different sorts of plots in Shiny for over a year using production data, I was curious to implement some interactivity, something fun without data at all. In fact the challenge for me here was that data were generated during the game, not imported at the beginning, and were later stored internally.

The choice fell on this game, as we are playing it a lot with my daughter. And now she can play it with my app.

Category: Other
Keywords: Game
Shiny app: https://smirnovayu.shinyapps.io/hangman_en/
Repo: https://github.com/smirnovayu/Hangman
RStudio Cloud: https://rstudio.cloud/project/994677


Full image:


Oh, that's awesome! I liked it. :slight_smile:

Maybe you can add a difficulty scale so players can change the number of letters.

What's the word, it's killing me :sweat_smile:

Good idea, thought about it too.
Another idea was to have a switch for the languages (I implemented the Russian version for my daughter). But decided to keep it simple.

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Very fun, and now I'm at risk of not getting any work done today.

Longer words can wrap onto a second line. But after encountering it once and understanding it's not a two-word answer, it doesn't throw me off too much.

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