Harvard Referencing in R Markdown + getting in-text references to be seperated by a comma

I am using R markdown for a pdf document, however I just have to do some minor tweaks to my citations.

Firstly, is there a package which will put my BibTeX references in Harvard format?

And secondly, how can I get the author's surname and the year to be seperated by a comma within my in-text citations?

Here is one of the references in my BibTex file

  title={Estimating the dimension of a model},
  author={Schwarz, Gideon and others},
  journal={The annals of statistics},
  publisher={Institute of Mathematical Statistics}

When I in-text reference this, it generates (Schwarz 1978). I would like a comma to seperate the surname and the year.

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Take a look at the harvard \LaTeX package.

I tried installing this package in my R Markdown file, however it appears that this package in unavailable in R.

I'm wondering if there is a pure R-Markdown solution to this?

For reference, the issue has also been posted on SO

It also look like you got an answer there.

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Rmarkdown passes the bibtex intoformation to ['pandoc-citeproc](https://github.com/jgm/pandoc-citeproc/blob/master/man/pandoc-citeproc.1.md), which has four options: 1) a the default $\LaTeX$ template, 2) the chicago-author-date.csl, 3) a custom cls or 4) an include statement invoking another \$LaTeX$ (not R) package such as 'harvard.

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