has RStudio keybindings location changed?

I've configured custom keybindings for RStudio and saved the JSON files to quickly configure the same in other machine or a fresh installation of RStudio. So I've used the directory ~/.R/rstudio/keybindings/, as described here:

Saving and Loading

The RStudio keybindings are saved as JSON files in the directory ~/.R/rstudio/keybindings/ -- you can find the bindings for the editor and RStudio itself at:

~/.R/rstudio/keybindings/rstudio_commands.json     ~/.R/rstudio/keybindings/editor_commands.json

And it used to work. But now keybindings files are not there anymore.

> dir("~/.R/rstudio/keybindings", full.names = TRUE)

Any ideas where are the files located now?, or is it something broken in my setup? (running latest preview Version 1.2.1070 on Windows 10)