Having issues installing a package on 4.0.2 on macOS

I have never used R on my mac before. I installed R (version 4.0.2). Then installed RStudio (latest version from their website). I am trying to install the package linked to here under the heading "Getting your own copy of the datasets used for teaching at Durham" using RStudio. I click on the install, install from package, select the .tgz file, and RStudio seems to install it. However, when I run


I get the error:

Error: package or namespace load failed for ‘durham’:
package ‘durham’ was installed before R 4.0.0: please re-install it

The only version of R I have ever had on this computer is 4.0.2. Anyone know how to solve this?

You are installing from a binary file that has been compiled with an older R version, you can downgrade your R version or contact the author to ask for the source file so you can try to compile it your self.

If I had the source file how would I go about compiling it?

If you alredy have the source file, you can do it this way

install.packages(path_to_file, repos = NULL, type="source")

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