Having problem while Calculating mean body weight of two groups over 5 weeks and plotting in R studio

I have body weights of two groups, over 5 weeks. First I want to calculate the mean and S.D. of the body weight of each week for each group. Then I want to plot them in a line plot, x axis = Weeks and Y axis = mean body weight, in a single graph. Please help. Also attaching the picture from the CSV file. I am also confused if it is a time series data. In all the time series data, I see they have used date. I dont have any dates in my data. Its Week1, Week2, Week3 and so on.

Week1 Week2 Week3 Week4 Week5 ID Groups
16.35 15.9 18.8 20.9 20 2.1 Control
22.7 23 23.1 25.1 24 2.2 Control
20.9 22 24 23 28 2.3 Control
17.2 18 21 28 22.9 2.4 Control
15.83 16.8 18.6 24.1 NA 2.1 Experimental
23.38 22.4 23 29.3 NA 2.2 Experimental
22 20 26 36 35.4 2.3 Experimental
21.9 20 25 34 32 2.4 Experimental
21.4 20 25 34 34 2.5 Experimental

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