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Hi. I'm currently doing a course in bioacoustics, and we made a psycho-acoustic experiment consisting in making listening dogs' barks of different sizes to people, and they had to say the size of the dog by listening the barks. We collected recordings of barks on internet, and according to the dogs' breed, we placed them among these 5 categories: very small, small, medium, big, very big.
We wrote down the answers subjects gave us, and now we would like to plot the results to see if people can identify the dogs' size with the voice, and therefore establish a correlation. But we are a little bit struggling with how to do that ... If anybody has any idea, we would be grateful ! :smiley:


Sounds like a really neat project. Right now your question is a bit broad as far as the scope of this forum goes. Are you working with R? Assuming yes, you've described your data, but it helps us help you if you can include a small reproducible example.

Data Visualization: A Practical Introduction is freely available online (see link below), and might be a good source of ideas (and it happens to have handy R code that goes with it).

Are you wondering how to execute this dynamically (i.e. build out an application through which users give answers)? If so, this might be a good question for #shiny, but, again, we'd need a bit more information.


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Hi Mara, thanks for replying. I am not familiar with this forum so I didn't really get what "shiny" is ..

I joined an exemple of what kind of data we have. In the first column it is the answer we expected, and the three other columns correspond to people answers. In red, the answers are false, and in green they are correct.
We thought about converting answers in numbers but we are still struggling with how to plot them...

Are you asking about how to plot them using R?

And we are trying to represent graphically the experiment results.

This sounds like an interesting project. Are you trying to use R to analyse your data and graphically represent the results, or do you intend to use a different tool? (Just in case, this forum is dedicated to R, rather than other tools).

We will use R to represent graphically and apply statistic tests. In addition to other softwares as Praat or audacity.

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