HELP! I deleted all the data on my PC with the unlisted command

I have a really big problem.. I accidentally deleted every data from my PC with the unlisted command. All I did was unlist("/Users/my name", recursive = TRUE) because I wanted to delete my working directory but instead I somehow deleted all my data. Even the programs on my PC are set to default settings. All documents gone ,all downloads gone, all pictures there any way to recover the Data since it was literally just 1 little command that deleted it all? And how is this even possible that R has this kind of access/impact on my Data without even giving me a warning??
I would be really thankful for any kind of help. thx

I think you mean you deleted your files using unlink(), rather than unlist(), which should be benign.

R provides file management capabilities similar to using a terminal or shell directly, so this is why a command can delete your files and directories (the recursive = TRUE part does this).

I don't know what OS you are on, but you should check for the usual OS utilities to restore deleted files or else check your back-up system.

Hey yes I meant unlink..and im on macOS Monterey and I already tried Wondershare recover but it didn't show me the files I was actually missing so I don't really know what to do..isnt there a relink command or something easy solution like that?

I accidentally used the unlink command ( "/Users/ my name ", recursive = TRUE ) which caused a fatal error in the program and also deleted all the files on my Macbook. (When the crash happened I used either Catalina or Big Sur but I updated to MacOs Monterey now). I tried to scan for missing files with the programs Wondershare recovery and disk drill but none of them could find the data which I am actually missing. None of the pages documents or PDF's or Downloads could be found. Everything which was saved on the file path "User/..." is gone. Also all my programs are set back to default settings and even my Siri and fingerprint scan was resetted. Does anyone know why I can't find the files anymore and how I can get them back because it is really really important. Thanks

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