Help Installing R Studio onto Macbook Pro

Hi all,

I've been trying to install R Studio on my Macbook Pro, version 10.15.6, and I keep getting the error message attached.

I installed R 4.0.2 earlier and had no problems. Please let me know how to move forward.

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What command(s) produced the error screen? I've installed RStudio under macOS for versions < 1 on, and have never seen this.

This is what I see beforehand. The only steps that I've taken are downloading R Studio, opening it, and accepting the terms and conditions. Then I accept the command below and it brings me to this screen.

This, second message addresses a distinct issue, a missing dependency, rather than unavailability of the software update server.

Do you have XCode and its command line tools installed? If so, were they installed or reinstalled following installation of Catalina?

I ended up opting out of the git command installation, which allowed me to begin installing packages on R studio. When I don't opt out of this installation, I receive the first error message. I am now downloading XCode too, but I don't have command line tools installed. Are these both applications I should install?

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Yes, both, although it appears that some ways of installation of Xcode make the second step unnecessary. It’s simple enough to just

$ xcode-select --install

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