Help needed in linking of GitHub and RStudio completely

Hi, I have done all the steps mentioned in the tutorial and even Googled/Youtubed the steps but I am stuck here. After linking GitHub to RStudio, when I restarted RStudio, the app open multiple windows of RStudio- around 10-15 till the time I manually close them. Okay. After this, when I close all the tabs/windows of RStudio, am left with one and I start coding there. But I do not see the GitHub option in the top right quadrant. What am I missing?

To see the git integration tab you need to be working in a git enabled RStudio project, it doesn't work for scripts outside projects.

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Thank you @andresrcs . I am trying to create a new project and inside version control, I am entering the GIT URL. But now the major problem is that whenever I am trying to open RStudio, it automatically creates multiple windows and I need to manually close each window. Tried Googling/ Youtubing but unable to find similar issues.

and all of these give out the same error: R is taking longer to start than usual and with two options- Reload and Terminate R.

Please help :slight_smile:


That is a different issue, can you please ask it on a new topic? We like to keep things tidy around here so only one well defined question per topic.

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