Help needed on Hierarchical Forecasting using "HTS"

This question is regarding hierarchical forecasting in R. I am trying to do forecasting in R but there is a starting trouble especially in defining the hierarchy of my data using the 'HTS' library. I didn’t really understand how to tell R tool about the hierarchy that I have in my data.
.Seeks like there are very few written notes on setting this up in R. Could you kindly help me with this problem. An example of the data is given below.

Date: Jan-2016 till Feb-2020, 1-country, 4-Regions, Different districts, Target -Sales

Date(months) Country Regions Districts Sales
Jan-16 CountryX North District-1 20120
Feb-16 CountryX North District-2 20508
Mar-16 CountryX North District-3 20896
Apr-16 CountryX North District-4 21284
May-16 CountryX North District-5 21672
Jun-16 CountryX North District-6 22060
Jul-16 CountryX North District-7 22448
Aug-16 CountryX North District-8 22836
Sep-16 CountryX North District-9 23224
Oct-16 CountryX North. District-10. 23612
Nov-16 CountryX North District-11 24000
Dec-16 CountryX North District-12 24388
Jan-17 CountryX South District-2 22060
Feb-17 CountryX South District-3 22448
Mar-17 CountryX South District-4 22836
Apr-17 CountryX South District-5 23224
May-17 CountryX South District-6 23612
Jun-17 CountryX South District-7 24000
Jul-17 CountryX South District-8 24388
Aug-17 CountryX South District-9 24776
Sep-17 CountryX South District-10 25164
Oct-17 CountryX South District-11 25552
Nov-17 CountryX South District-12 25940

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