Help Needed with igraph and network analysis


I'm an assistant professor in Digital marketing and I'm a new Rstudio user (btw, this software is really really good)
For a project with a colleague, we study a B2B community and we would like to make a social media analysis. We work with twitteR to download # and make a first lexicometric analysis but I'm atm in trouble because i do not know how to continue the project without help ...

To clarifiy the subject

  1. We have a list of 97 accounts related to our topic and we would like to automatically extract the 1)number of followers and 2) the number of subscriber. is that possible to do that with Rstudio or do we have to extract one account by 1 account to fill an excel file ?

  2. When we will have these accounts, We would use Igraph to identify the network relationship, the authority of some "users", the strength of links between this community. Is there an easy way to do that ?

Thank you in advance


Hi @Rsohier. I am not familiar with twitter analysis but you may see if twitteR package can help or not. And for network analysis, igraph provide easy function to construct the network but the plot was not that beautiful. I would like to use visNetwork and networkD3 package to visualise. The follow link can provide much help on that.
And I also use another app called Cytoscape other than R to modify the network.

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