HELP! R shiny ggplot2

Thanks in advance for everyone's help

column(4, selectInput("selectedvariable","Select a variable:", names(data)[6:16]))
output$ggplot2Group2 <- renderPlot({
g2 <- ggplot(data = speciesGgplot1(),aes(x=OBSWEEK,y=input$selectedvariable,group = COUNTY,color=COUNTY,shape=COUNTY))+
legend.position = "bottom",
) +

why the Y values is wrong? I feel very confused . Thanks again.

Use aes_string

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Wow, you are my god, words can't express my gratitude.
I'm a newbie and have only recently started using Rshiny, thank you very much, and one day, when I become a master like you, I'm going to help others too.
thank you very much.

You are welcome.
I recommend to you swirl: Learn R, in R. ( and
These two resources are what I began with.
I found that reading the questions, and trying to answer them on this forum was a good way to increase my learning (by generating practice and causing me to study more also)

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