Help to use R to Analyse my data

I need someone to assist me with R to analyse my thesis, I am new to this and programming in General. Thanks

Thanks for your post! Usually, people can be most helpful if you do a bit of work ahead of time to boil down your questions into a reprex that they can help you with. The other very valid way to ask for help is to ask about resources for a given topic, etc. The following article will help with creating a reprex:

And these are some general resources about getting started with R:

  • The tidyverse is a set of R packages that share a common paradigm, and the website has some good learning resources
  • R for Data Science is a great book on the topic
  • Advanced R covers many (more advanced) topics
  • RStudio Cloud is free, and has a bunch of interactive tutorials that require no setup ahead of time
  • Advanced R covers many (more advanced) topics

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