Help Us Better Understand The R Community By Completing the 2nd Annual R Community Survey!

RStudio is fielding our second annual R Community Survey (previously named the R Learner Survey) to better understand how and why people learn the R language. We encourage anyone who is interested in learning R or has learned R over any period of time to respond. The survey should only require 5 to 10 minutes to complete, depending on how little or how much information you choose to share with us. You can find the survey here:

English version:
Spanish version:

If you have an interest in R, but haven't learned it yet, that's fine too! The survey has specific questions for you, and your responses will help us better understand how we can be more encouraging to you and others like you. And this year we've added questions on R Markdown, Shiny, and Python to understand the use of those technologies in 2020

Data and analysis of of the 2018 data can be found on github at in the 2018/ folder. Results from the 2019 survey will also be posted in that github repo after the survey closes in February 2020.

Please ask your students, Twitter followers, Ultimate Frisbee team, and anyone else interested in R to complete the survey. Your promotional efforts could help R educators and users understand and grow our community.

You will find a full disclosure of what information will be collected and how it will be used on the first page of the survey. The survey does not collect personally identifiable information nor email addresses, but it does have optional demographic questions.

Thank you in advance for your consideration and time!

Carl Howe (@cdhowe)
Director of Education
RStudio, Inc.


I find it interesting that R is known as a language for statistical computing but that "Statistician" isn't an option for category that best describes the work you do.

The list provided was based on last year's responses. And note there should be an freeform "other". Filling that out will help ensure we continue to improve the list of pre-set options on this question.


Glad you're doing this. Have you all published the results from last year's survey (or shared them at a conference)? I ask because they're really interesting (to me - and I'm sure to others).

Yes, the 2018 data is published on github. You can see the results from the 2018 survey at in the 2018/ folder.

I also gave a 20 minute talk at rstudio::conf 2019 called The Next Million R Users that included the data. You can watch that at:

Thanks for your participation, and feel free to use the data in any way that's helpful to you! It was one of the reasons we wanted to publish the material as open source -- we believe the whole community could benefit from knowing how people are coming to R.

Regarding not specifically calling out the job of "statistician", we do include the category "data scientist or analyst" as part of our job category pick list, and we also request respondent job title with an open text response. We weren't intending to ignore statisticians, but simply assumed they would see themselves within the data scientist category and if they felt strongly would type in the term statistician in the job title.


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