help w/ geom and stat (ggplot2)

hello! i am working with a given line of code for a beginner's course, which says:

qplot(BOD$Time, BOD$demand, geom = "bar", stat = "identity"

but it isn't working ("identity" is a y aesthetic) , so I've been playing around with different versions including my latest one:

qplot(BOD$Time, BOD$DEMAND, aes(geom_bar(stat = "identity")))

but here, the aesthetic is the wrong length. How do I use stat and geom correctly?

update: after investigating further, it appears that R was updated and no longer supports that line of code. however if anyone has any insights about how to fix my graph i'd still be happy to hear them :smile:

This has to do with a ggplot2 update, not R itself.
geom_bar with stat identity now has been replaced with just geom_col

qplot(iris$Species, iris$Sepal.Length, geom = "col")

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