Help with Corrupted Rstudio on a Mac

Somehow I have corrupted RStudio on my Mac and even uninstalling it and reloading it does not help. I suspect I might be able to fix this if I could COMPLETELY uninstall RStudio but I am having trouble doing that.

So here's what happens...
After I install RStudio, a session opens with the last two files I had open that I had last opened. Yes I had the option checked of saving everything in my session and I should not have done that.

Almost immediately I get an error message pop up which says "R encountered a fatal error. The session was terminated." I hit the okay button and another little window pops up which says "null" with another Okay button. I hit that and from that point on RStudio seems to be locked. I can't do anything. I can not access Global Options or Preferences.

The only thing I seem to be able to do at this point is Force-Quit RStudio.

Next I move Rstudio to the Trash. If I reinstall from here it goes right back to the same problem. I read that there is a hidden directory called "rstudio-desktop" that I need to delete manually but I can not seem to find it. Full disclosure: I'm new to Macs. I have figured out how to see hidden files and directories in Finder. I'm not very good at navigating using Terminal but I've fumbled around in that and found nothing. I'm pretty sure I have checked my users directory and it isn't there.

I'm at the point now where the only thing I can think of is to wipe the computer, Help!

Wouldn't you know it...
I've been messing with this for hours and shortly after I get desperate enough to make create an account and make a desperate post here, I finally found the problem. So I thought I'd share for the sake of any other desperate Mac newbie out there:

Uninstall Rstudio the usual way: move to trash.
Show hidden files: open finder and hit command + shift + period
In Finder: navigate to your user directory. Mine was under Macintosh HD/Users/MyName
Under that directory you'll find a hidden folder called ".local"
under that directory you'll see a folder called "share"
In that folder you'll see a folder called "Rstudio": MOVE IT TO TRASH!
next go back to your named directory. You'll see another hidden directory called ".config"
Under that directory you'll see ANOTHER "Rstudio" folder: MOVE IT TO TRASH!!

At this point it was finally gone for me!! I can't promise this is the only thing you'll need to do because I did a bunch of other stuff also (like cleaning cache). Maybe that was part of it, maybe not.

...and I never found a directory called "Rstudio-desktop"


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