Help with creating virtualenv

I am trying to create virtualenv in R project directory and not able to do so. Can someone here help with guidance? Thanks!

I am using command prompt in windows.

I think this has nothing to do with R or your IDE. You just need to configure correctly your python installation on your computer. Currently, I think there is something off.

I see you have anaconda so you could try conda environment, they are working better on windows PC.

The R package that connect to python has done this choice:
You can manage some python environment from R with those.

I would advice:

  • Review your python installation
  • try on a simple example to create a virtual env
  • Maybe switch to conda env as you already use anaconda

There is no conflicts between R project and virtualenv python, you are currently no able because something is not right on your computer installation - hence the program not found.

Hope it helps

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