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I need help to do: Consider the data in the file. The file contains data on relative humidity (rh), precipitation (pr), and temperature (tas). The data is presented for three emission scenarios, RPC26, RPC45, and RPC85. (3 points)
• Write code to read the relative humidity data. Merge all the emission scenarios into a single database. In the final database, create a variable indicating the emission scenario. Use the list.files() function to print the file names, the lapply function to read all the files, and the function to merge the databases.

• Write a generalized function that allows reading all the other files, precipitation and temperature. Test the function.


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seems like a well written homework for you.
It contains individual steps for you to complete on the way to achieving hte overall goal, and also goes as far as to mention the names of specific functions you can use to do each step,

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