Help with data arrangement

I would like to ask for help.

My file includes data about number of ticker in each month in 10 years. I would like to rearrange my data to check the ticker in each month of each year.
My sample data is like that. I would like to have an arrangement like a picture below.
I appreciate any helps. Thank you in advance.


year = c(2006L,2006L,2006L,2006L,2006L,2006L,



month = c(1L,1L,1L,1L,2L,2L,2L,3L,3L,1L,1L,


ticker = as.factor(c("AGF","BBC","BBS",




I would recommend to you the tidyverse library, which includes within it a pivot_wider function you could use for such a purpose.

One of my friend (Štěpán Mikula) help me with this problem. This is the code for my problem

data %>%
group_by(year,month) %>%
rn = row_number()
) %>%
ungroup() %>%
names_from = rn,
values_from = ticker
) %>%
mutate(across(everything(), as.character)) %>%
mutate(id = str_c(year,"_",month)) %>%
pivot_longer(-id) %>%
complete(id,name) %>%
pivot_wider(names_from = id) %>%

Thank you so much.

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Thank you. I tried, but I am so confused and can not get the result as I want.

please share the code that you tried, and try to explain to your best ability the source of your confusion