Help with linear length normalisation

Hi all, I have about 300 files of waveform 'force' data collected for between 3 - 4 seconds at 1000 hz (so 3-4000 rows of data with time (ms) in column one and 'force' in column two. What I'd like to do is standardize the file lengths to ~1000 rows, whilst keeping the shape of the waveform (so similar to expressing the waveform data as a percent of total trial length) so that i can compare the shape of the waveforms between trials. I suspect there may be a pretty simple and commonly used code for this, but I've searched extensively for 'linear length normalization' (as it id described in the literature) and am not having much luck. Is anyone able to help?

Many thanks


Hi, and welcome!

I think the normalize() function in the tuneR package may be what you are looking for.

BTW: Use the search interface to google, which brings R related results bubbling up to the top.

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