Help with scenario: Some can connect to R Studio Server Pro fine, others consistently time out

Greetings RStudio friends,

I am having a situation which likely has to do with network or browser or security matters, but I am at a loss so any help re: debugging or advice from people who have encountered this situation would be greatly appreciated.

Some specifics: Running R Studio Server Pro on RHEL7 for a couple years now. Works like a dream for a small core group, even a guy on the opposite side of the world. We authenticate via our Active Directory system. Some AD Groups are granted access.

Now there is interest in expanding use, but some new people are not able to connect at all - specifically, they get time outs trying to get to the login page.

Network wise we have a VPN, and you have to be on the VPN to connect. The affected individuals seem to be able to ping the server just fine (mostly, occasional timeouts) but no dice getting to the log in page.

I've reached out to the local infrastructure team but any helpful hints here would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks all

What is the output of

curl -v <URL-of-RStudio-Server>

on one of the affected machines? Maybe these new users have a incorrect proxy configuration?

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