Hi, I can`t install packages in r or studio

Hello i can't install any package, always seems

rror in install.packages : Line starting '<!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLI ...' is malformed!
package ‘rvest’ is not available (for R version 3.2.1)

i'm try download the package and install on local source and dos`t work too

i have a mac with OS X Sierra, i only have an external disc, this macbook air its from 2014, i have installed Xcode too

Please why i have a several problems with that i have 44 years and i'm developer from my 15 years old and i don't understand this class of instability in this R, i.m new with r

Can you please post the complete error message you get? I suspect you are omitting important parts.

The second error suggests you are using an ancient version of R (3.2.1) which was released 6 years ago. I recommend you install a modern/current version.

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