Hi, Time Series Experts

I am a newbie here, I am conducting the cross-country time series analysis of OECD countries (1970-2017) with 10+ variables.

It would be nice if you guys can guide me how to do data array and basic plotting. Im currently learning to do ARIMA but also facing some technical problems such as ggplot/ ggplot2 can't be recognized and things

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The first problem is that the header text of your data is in the first row. If your data are in a csv file, use the function read.csv() to read it in. If it is not a csv file, please tell us what format it is in.

As for plotting, what do you want to plot? Which variables and what kind of plot?


As FJCC mentioned, you need to import data correctly. I like to import them using interactive interface of readr package. So you first need to install.packages("readr"). Next click on "Import Dataset" in your environment window. There should be option from text(readr) (if not, just restart R). Just pick your data file, and play with the options(in your case, you need to use "First Row as Names" option).

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Thanks @FJCC I will rename all first row first and try to import again > <

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