Hiding left sidebar does not scale card content in bs4Dash

Hi Everyone,

I am fascinated with the bs4Dash package (thank You David!) and I plan to use it to refresh the look & feel of all my shinydashboard reports.
Unfortunatelly I came across a bug I think: when a toggle button (the one to hide left sidebar) is clicked, a card content doesn't automatically fill the available space.
The problem I have is also visible in the official demo of bs4Dash:


In Basic cards menu - after closing left sidebar all the graphs do not scale properly. However, it works fine when we open/close right sidebar and also when we switch for a moment to other menu item and come back.

This is the only blocker I encountered so far, but in my opinion quite important - it makes a report look not as professional as it should. The idea of hiding the sidebar is to make all the body content scaled to fit all available space.

Any help with this issue greatly appreciated.


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