Hierarchically Structured Tables using V-Party Dataset - Table Contest Submission

Hierarchically Structured Tables using V-Party Dataset

Authors: Nina Ilchenko
Affiliations: V-Dem Institute

Abstract: This submission explores a way to render hierarchically structured multiple tables as one document in print-ready file format. The tables for this submission concern the representation of the parties and the type of available variables broken down by geographic regions and countries in V-Party dataset using {kable} and {kableExtra} packages.

Full Description: Rmarkdown is remarkable for allowing to create visually impressive and highly interactive tables in HTML. Besides, users can create multiple documents using parameters (parametrized reports). Nevertheless, there sometimes is a need to create a hierarchically structured document with all the output in print-friendly format, which is also visually appealing and can be interactive to a certain degree.

This submission explores a way to do so using the dataset on party identities and organization (V-Party). It includes both the data collected through surveys and factual sources, such as election results. More specificly, this submission represents a document referencing the units of observation for V-Party, which is useful when merging and cross-checking the data or even selecting countries/parties/time frames for further data analysis.

Both the document and code contain explanations of the content and data processing. Each table in the document can generally be described as the summary of variable types available for every unit of analysis at certain point in time. The submission uses the opportunities provided by the {kableExtra} package in addition to {knitr} package.

The document generated by the code was made public as a part of V-Party dataset release. However, the idea and its implementation owes to me. Therefore, it is published under my name after the consultations with the teammates.

Table Type: static-print
Submission Type: Other
Table: https://github.com/bobfromspace/rstudio_table_contest/blob/master/pcu_tables.pdf
Repo: https://github.com/bobfromspace/rstudio_table_contest
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