High-DPI Laptop Scrolling too fast in Editor

I'm not 100% sure that this issue is related to having a high-DPI display on my laptop or not, but it seems plausible. When in the editor window, any scrolling that I do either on my trackpad or on my mouse scroll wheel goes way too far. Just moving the scroll wheel on my mouse down one click makes it go at least 12 lines, sometimes more.

I think this might be a high-DPI issue because I have another laptop that I was using the past few weeks while mine was in the shop, and it doesn't have a high-DPI screen, and scrolling works fine on that machine.

I've tried changing my scrolling settings in windows, but it has no effect on scrolling in the editor. The issue also doesn't occur in the console, scrolling in the console is natural and noticeably different from the editor.

I haven't seen any settings that I can change. Anyone know of any fixes, or might this be a bug? Only similar threads I've seen were from ~4+ years ago and said that it was an issue that had to be patched on a by-device basis.

Are you using the built-in display on your laptop, or have you connected it to an external high DPI display? Can you share information on what hardware you're running with, just in case it's related?

I'm using the built in display. It's an HP Spectre x360 13t with a 4K display.

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