highcharter drill down - open table data

I have created a pie chart with highcharter in R studio that drills down and up across three levels, all good.

I want to open a data table when you select a section of the pie chart once you have drilled down to the lowest levels (all of the lowest levels).

One problem.....I have no idea how to do this, or even if its possible. if someone could point me in the right direction I would really appreciate it.

thank you


Is this part of a Shiny app? (if so, you might want to move this to #shiny to help others find your question)
Possibly worth checking out joe's talk, Linking HTML Widgets with Crosstalk.

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Im using the code in a markdown dashboard but testing the code as a stand alone script.

I will check out the link you have provided.....thank you.

In plotly you can create a big plot with lots of subplots which are connected to each other with the same data through the package crosstalk. It's all done at the javascript level so you don't need any shiny server for that.

Its very good for flex dashboard and markdowns. There is a section in @cpsievert git book about plotly and you can learn it in like half an hour.

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