Higher, Further, Faster with Marvelous R Markdown

R Markdown is a popular R package that helps you tell stories with data. It’s free and open-source and helps you turn analyses into high-quality documents, reports, presentations, and dashboards.

Most people know RStudio because of our open-source tools, like R Markdown. Our most popular product is the open-source RStudio IDE. It’s made with love and free and always will be.

RStudio Connect is one of our professional products, designed specifically for sharing data products. It’s used by professional data science teams in the enterprise.

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On Youtube at R Markdown Advanced Tips to Become a Better Data Scientist & RStudio Connect | With Tom Mock - YouTube

Slides and Materials

Thanks for spending some time with us. We hope you learned some new things to try.

Packages used

You will likely have to install some of these packages yourself:

Try RStudio’s professional toolchain yourself:

If the presentation inspired you and you feel like giving RStudio’s professional toolchain a try, specifically Connect, you can request access to a hosted free trial here:

Try RStudio’s Professional Toolchain

By doing so, you’ll be given access to our professional toolchain - RStudio Connect, RStudio Workbench, RStudio package - so you can temporarily unlock some of the superpowers we give professional data science teams every day.

If you start a hosted evaluation, it’ll look like this:

Extra resources

We alluded to a few professional use-cases of R Markdown in the presentation. You can find the corresponding full presentations below:

Automating Reports within the Insurance Industry: https://www.rstudio.com/resources/webinars/rethink-reporting-with-automation/
Using R to Enhance Clinical Reporting within the Life Sciences industry:

Avoid Dashboard Fatigue:

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