Highlighting (to then copy and paste, e.g.) not working on console (RStudio v. 1.3.1056, R v. 4.0.2 for PC)

Exciting update: As of 8/13/2020, I can now highlight from the top, down without having to highlight the command first (just the output)! I haven't received any response to this inquiry, but maybe someone is listening...? I still cannot highlight from the bottom of the console, up, however (which is actually not as big of a deal as having to highlight the command along with the output).

Original post:
I just updated to R v. 4.0.2 and RStudio v. 1.3.1056, both for desktop PC, and have noticed highlighting (so that I can then copy and paste, e.g.) in the console is finicky (for lack of a better word). Here is what I'm experiencing:

  • If I try to highlight a section of output that spans more than what I can currently see in the console, I cannot do so unless I also first highlight the command that I ran to obtain that output. If I first highlight the command (in the console), it then allows me to scroll down as I highlight all of the associated output. If I do not first highlight the command, I am only able to highlight the output currently visible in the console - it does not scroll down.
  • If I try to highlight a section of output in the console from the bottom, up, it will not scroll up and highlight anything more than what I can currently see in the console. The only workaround is to go up to the command, and start by highlighting that, followed by the associated output (as pointed out in the bullet point above).

Wondering if anyone else has experienced this bug, and if a request can be put in to fix it.

This isn't an issue for me personally, but I'm an educator, and trying to create screenshots and videos while also explaining to students why things only work some of the time is not ideal (especially when they're already overwhelmed by learning to code and the actual course material).

Note I've since updated to RStudio v. 1.3.1073, and this no longer seems to be an issue.

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