Homepage, Category, & Tags Pages Cannot Load More than 20 Topics

I can"t get to older posts, only a few are visible (about like 20) and at the bottom of screen, when I scroll down, it says"
" There are no more latest topics."
This is everywhere eg: when I go to Tidyverse instead of get to 2254 topics it says: "
"There are no more tidyverse topics." - only 22 visible or so.
Why is that ?


Same for me.

Specific category / tag, or secret mode of browser doesn't worked.

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I can see indeed that there is an issue with this. I notified the people who manage the website by alerting them of this post.

To be continued...


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Thank you. Looking into this.

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It seems the issue has been fixed and you can scroll again through all posts.
The only thing that's still different for me is that I can only sort on 'latest' post, and not 'latest activity' as I could before, but this might have been an intended change...

Thanks @EconomiCurtis for looking into this! Let us know if it's all back to normal


Hi, @pieterjanvc
Thank you for reply and help solving this issue. I can see it now and the same as you, I have got only "Latest post" and not "Latest activity" for sorting topics.

@Andrzej and @pieterjanvc, I can sort by activity using the earlier option of clicking on the Activity button, just below the New Topic button. Isn't that working for you two?

But since Curtis is upgrading the website and already active on this post, is it possible to have a early testers group for new design of the website, similar to this? I do not know how feasible it is, just suggesting an idea.

As many of you know, the RStudio Community site uses discourse along with a number of custom plugins. These plugins just got a significant update, and we've been overdue for an update to our discourse version. Many of you have also noticed the two-week old no tag-editing bug, which we were hoping to resolve as well.

These updates went into effect late Sunday, early Monday morning. I did quite a bit of testing before pushing these live, but missed a few issues.

  • Homepage, Category, & Tags Pages Cannot Load More than 20 Topics - caused by a conflict with a custom plugin, but here's where it was hopefully resolved.
  • Some issues with loading of text and images on our sidebar.
  • The update forced logged-outs (often several times if you had multiple tabs open) and confusing redirects.
  • Several 500 and 504 errors for the first 9 hours. I haven't seen this reported in over 24-hours though.

Sorting on homepages

In a recent new custom plugin, we added the ability to sort by latest topic. Discourse's default behavior for "Latest" is to sort by activity, and some were asking for sorting by latest Topic, and other short-cuts.
I'm nearly certain that "Latest" is showing topic-threads in order of activity.
It seemed to be conflicting with our other plugins and so needed to be updated.
This sorting plugin should be back soon.

Thanks for reporting all these, by the way! It was really helpful to detecting issues I would not have seen otherwise.

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We can definitely do this if folks are interested. Where I have no problem with calls to action to do stuff like the shiny contest, IDE testers (eager), helping new users, or to help out creating support docs, I always feel bad asking y'all to get pulled into beta testing website features.

If you would be interested, let me know. We have a staging website where I can walk you through new features. We plan to mostly develop custom discourse plugins in public. Once these bugs are sorted, my next big update is creating a set of "discovery banners". Text and images to appear at top of the homepage, category pages, and the top of each topic-thread.

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