Host an R shiny app as a function on AWS Lambda

I've never seen any documentation about this and I'm planning on trying it for myself and documenting it if it works.

But the question is, can you host an R Shiny app on just AWS Lambda? A dynamic app where a user can enter inputs, use reactives, render new plots...etc.

Say for example we have this function which is an R shiny app

binner <- function(var) {
    ui = fluidPage(
        sidebarPanel(sliderInput("n", "Bins", 5, 100, 20)),
    server = function(input, output) {
      output$hist <- renderPlot( 
        hist(var, breaks = input$n,
          col = "skyblue", border = "white") 

We then call this function from any of the runtimes AWS Lambda supports such as Python, would this work?

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