Host Shiny App within home ShinyApps directory - nothing shows

I have a set up on an EC2 server with both hosted Rstudio and Shiny Server installed. My home directory has a ShinyApps directory. I recall creating this when setting up Shiny Server. I am now able to host my shiny apps by placing them inside that directory. They then appear at:

I'm currently working in a different environment and am struggling to replicate this set up.

Our dev ops team provided me access to hosted rstudio and shiny server running from the same docker image (rocker/tidyverse with ADD=shiny) on a server. Rstudio is set up fine. Shiny server appears to be too, I can access the 'welcome to shiny server!' page and see the 'It's Alive' app and 'Shiny Doc' in the right hand column.

I can also see the example application at https://our_url/sample-apps/hello/

I followed along the instructions on the quick start guide about letting users manage their own applications.

I have run the following commands as sudo:

sudo /opt/shiny-server/bin/deploy-example user-dirs
mkdir ~/ShinyApps
sudo cp -R /opt/shiny-server/samples/sample-apps/hello ~/ShinyApps/

The user-dirs config is all setup now. Enjoy!


" By default, Shiny Server listens on port 3838, so your new application will be available at http://<server-address>:3838/<your_username>/hello where <your_username> is your Linux username."

Directory ShinyApps is indeed in my home directory. My linux username is rstudio. In ~/ShinyApps is the example app 'hello'.

When I visit this url I do see the app: https://our_url/sample-apps/hello/

However, when I visit:

Page not found

In case it's relevant, when our developers handed this off to me I reach the Shiny Server by not typing a port in my url bar. I asked them to clarify:

" We are running the containers in kubernetes, Single Container, with Volume Claim. Traffic from is routed to the container on port 3838 and traffic from is routed to port 8787 on the same container running shiny. The different front ends are just a way of mapping the backend port."

In case relevant, here is shiny-server.conf:

# Tell Shiny Server that we want to run as the user whose
# home directory we find the application in.
run_as :HOME_USER:;

# Define a server that listens of port 3838.
server {
  listen 3838;

  # Define a location at the base URL
  location / {

    # Allow users to host their own apps in ~/ShinyApps

    # Optionally, you can restrict the privilege of hosting Shiny applications
    # only to members of a particular Linux group.
    # members_of shinyUsers;

How can I access the Shiny App in user rstudio's home directory ~/ShinyApps/hello?

After playing around with the conf file I tried to restart:

sudo systemctl restart shiny-server
sudo: systemctl: command not found

Also tried:

status shiny-server
bash: status: command not found

Also tried:

sudo stop shiny-server
sudo: stop: command not found

Since I'm running Shiny server in the rocker/tidyverse image my linux environment is Ubuntu. It's odd because I can see shiny running as a process and I can also see the example app running fine at the welcome page.

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