Hosting in https a solution that uses Plumber + Rmarkdown (API in R for creating a PDF)


Our team has developed an API in Plumber that converts an order (a json through a POST request) into a PDF, this using RMarkdown.

The API works perfect! We have host it in our personal server (Windows) with pm2.

Our current problem is that the API is http and our IT deparment requests that it must be https.

Any advice on how to approach this? There is little to no information on the internet to do this with Plumber. We have the alternatives to host it locally (Windows or Linux), or also we could use some Azure service.

No reply :persevere: but fund this really useful, for anyone interested:


Not sure what your budget / goals are, but RStudio Connect provides a way to host the API over https, and also handles scaling, package dependencies, logging, access controls - all the IT goodies.

And, on top of all that, Connect purchases fund the open source work behind the plumnber package!

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Yes I know that Rstudio Connect does this, would love to have that, but it's just way too expensive :frowning:

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