Hosting R package binaries on github


If I create a package and put the source code on github.

A typical installation process would look like


This installs the package from source.

Say I have built binaries for this package using devtools::build().

Is there a way to host package binaries on github such that an end-user could install the package from binaries, rather than compile from source?


I think you might be interested in the R-universe project at rOpenSci cc @jeroen that can build binaries of your package for Windows and Mac.

How? If you set up an R-universe for your packages, which is rather quick and is explained in detail in a tech note, users can install the packages from the universe.

In the README of your packages you can then write:

install.packages("gert", repos = "")

Thanks so much for you're response @Maelle! :pray:

At a glance, the R-universe project looks like it provides exactly the solution I'm after. I can't believe I haven't heard of it before now.

Very excited to give it a try!

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