Hosting R Shiny App on Website

I am interested in hosting a Shiny App that I've made on my website that is hosted on WordPress, preferably without any limits on how many people can use it or for how long. Embedding the app using iframe seems to be the way to go after putting the app on the server, but does that still limit the app to the 25 active hours?

Also, according to internet searches, it appears that WordPress limited iframe capabilities unless you paid for the Business plan +, does anyone know if that still applies?

Or does it makes sense to just host my app on, linking to that through my website, and pay for the starter pack on if I end up needing it? Also, with hosting a shiny app publicly, what happens when I update my app with new data, do I need to republish the app and would that impact the "count" of applications that you can have through the server?

This is my first time trying to host a public-facing Shiny App and I'm just not sure what it is that I need to do or what the best approach is. Any other suggestions or recommendations would be welcome, thank you!

Yes, because even if you are embedding the app in your site, the server side process still happens on RStudio's servers.

Not necessarily, you can use one of the options described here