How calculate percentile from a table with distance

Sorry about the noob question, but I'm learning and I didn't find an awser.

I just need to calculate de percentiles (5% to 95%) of my table, what I need to do?

Example of my data

Thank you

I assume you want to calculate those percentiles on DISTANCE?
but please explain to me this character formatting of DISTANCE.
13.015,72 seems ambiguous to me.
is this supposed to represent 13.01572 or 13015.72 ?

Hi, yes I want to calculate the percentiles on DISTANCE

The correct is 13015.72 I work in a french computer

I imported my DISTANCE as "double" not as "numeric" this is correct

that seems better.
From the first screenshot the dataframe name seemed to be Percentile so you can do like this:

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