How can display labels?

I don't know why there's no labels in my mosaic plots while the all charts in blogs have them , even though I used the same codes.

data source:

my code

#DAta import
tel<- read.csv("WA_Fn_UseC_Telco_Customer_Churn.csv", stringsAsFactors=T)

SeniorCitizen NUMERIC => FACTOR

tel$SeniorCitizen <- factor(tel$SeniorCitizen)

REMOVE NA ROWs => 11 out of 7043 : 0.16%

tel_com <- tel[complete.cases(tel),]
ggplot(data = tel_com)+geom_mosaic(aes(x=product(Churn,PhoneService),fill=Churn)) +labs(x= "PhoneService", title ='PhoneService')

Chart: There should be 'femail' and 'male' in the bottom.

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