How Can I add geographic distance matrix to an igraph network?

I have an igraph network of 169 nodes (neighbourhoods). I've added some vertices attributes using: V(g)$attribute. I'm going to study the impact of the geographic distance between the nodes (neighbourhoods). I've calculated the distance between neighbourhoods based on the longitude and latitude:

neighbourhood     lon       lat
      1         41.47141  -81.75226
      2         41.47562  -81.74670
      3         41.47608  -81.73900
      .            .          .
      .            .          .

# Calculate the geographic distance matrix using  distm() from geosphere

dis.matrix <- (distm(cbind(df$lon, df$lat))

The result is a geographic matrix of 169x169 (distance in meters)

Now, my question is How can I add these distances to the network (g) in order to study the impact of the distance on linked nodes using Exponential Random Graph Model ergm().