how can I compile the lib RMariaDB from source ?

hello all,

I've, download, decompressed the source from

I've run the ./configuration program

to no avail

there are no instructions if you want to install from source for any reason, as the case with with me

thanks for any help

  • Tegoa

Does devtools::install_github("r-dbi/RMariaDB") not perform an installation from source?

thank you for the reply

I have to install it offline. I can only download the sources : /

otherwise, install.packages() would also do it : )

Sorry, a bit confused, if the problem is just to install offline, you're better off downloading the pre-built binary and installing with install.packages(pkg = "/path/to/Downloads/") or similar. You might run into difficulties because of the dependencies (especially all the system requirements).

If you have to build from source, AND you have to do it offline, you should still be able with install.packages("/path/to/source.tar.gz", type="source").

The exact way to deal with the dependencies depends on your situation, can you share a bit more? Are you downloading on a different computer? Then I think you could use tools::package_dependencies() to download all the required packages. System dependencies can be challenging, it strongly depends on your OS.

I expect {devtools} and {pak} to be a bit better when dealing with those complex situations.

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