How can I create a function defined by parts in RStudio?

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I want to know what I need to do to create a function defined by parts in RStudio, particularly the structure of the code. The data is not important at the moment, you can show me anything.

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Creating functions in Rstudio is no different from creating them in R.
Here is a guide to doing it in R.

Thanks for the link, but i wanna do "function defined by parts".

I have no idea what that means, can you describe it or provide some example?

Of course..

Like this: f(x) = 0, if x > 1
x + 2, if x < 0

In this situation, is a exemple.
Here you can learn more about : [,value%20of%20the%20independent%20variable.]

R has an ifelse() function.

I'll try ifelse, but a i dont know if this code could be help me..
I need to show my results in a graph later..

For the example at the link which has 3 parts, I would do something like this:

f <- function(x){
    x <= -3 ~ -x-1,
    x>-1 & x<1 ~3,
    x >=1 ~ x-2,
    TRUE ~ NA_real_ # all other cases

#> [1] 3
#> [1] NA
#> [1] 3
#> [1] -1

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