How can I do a clustering analysis with repeated measures?

I have a dataset of the agronomical behaviour of grapevine plants grafted onto 12 different rootstocks over 4 years. I have 15 different measured variables such as Pruning Weight, Yield, Berry sugar content, etc. And I have 3 blocks of 10 plants per rootstock


10 plants x 3 blocks x 12 rootstocks x 4 years x 15 variables

I have calculated the mean of the 10 plants of each repetition, so I have one value for each variable per block, rootstock and year, (12 values per rootstock and variable (3blocks x 4years)).

I am interested in clustering the different rootstocks regarding their behaviour on the 15 variables

Is it possible to perform any clustering analysis with repeated measures or should I do the clustering with only one value per parameter and rootstock?

Thank you very much in advance

I hope that I am clear. My knowledge of statistics is not very good

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